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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Additional Permit Information

Structure(s) must be drawn to scale on Plats of Survey submitted with the following scales:

  • one inch = ten feet (1" = 10')
  • one inch = twenty feet (1" = 20')
  • one inch = thirty feet (1" = 30')
  • one inch = forty feet (1" = 40')
  • one inch = fifty feet (1" = 50')

Properties on DuPage County sewer

New service lines will be required from the dwelling and/or business to the main line sanitary sewer for all new structures, tear downs and for additions over 800 square feet in size - contact the Public Works Department at 630.407.6800.

Properties on well and/or septic

Any permits submitted go to the Health Department for review or require a permit from them for new well and septic systems - contact Environmental Health at 630.682.7979.

Township Highway Commissioners/County Highway

Township Hwy Commissioner offices require a tracking number from our department to process their paperwork for both Entrance Permits or waivers .

Drainage Requirements