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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Online Permit Forms

You can download the applications on line, but you must apply for permits in person. Mailed and faxed in applications will be returned unprocessed.

The Following Permit Forms are Available On-Line for viewing and Local Printing.

Note: Links may contain Adobe PDF files. To obtain a free copy of Adobe Reader software, please visit Logo.

Application forms

(All applications are required to have the owner's signature or a notarized owner authorization form signed by the owner of the property to submit for permit - we cannot accept the submittal without either one of those documents)

  • Application for Accessory Structures (Type I)  
    (ie. Residential accessory structures, decks, sheds, detached garages, patios, pools, driveways, solar panels, etc.) PDF - type answers & print

Other Forms

  • Combination Form - this form covers most areas that require a notarized signature - Home Association Affidavit (work on behalf of homeowners), Asbestos Affidavit (for demolitions), Utility Affidavit (structures in easements), Utility Shut Off (for demolitions) and Plumbing Affidavit (homeowner performing the plumbing work) & Removal of Mercury Thermostats in commercial demolition. Type answers & print
  • Owner Authorization Form - this form is for authorization by owner of the property to agent for execution of Building & Use Permit. (PDF - type and print)
  • Trust Disclosure Form (PDF - type answers and print) A Trust Disclosure Form completed by the trust company will be required at the time the permit is submitted for all properties held in a land trust.
  • Drainage Easement Agreement (PDF - type answers and print) This document is used when the proposed work is located in any portion of the easement on your property. Owner's signatures must be notarized and this document will be recorded. (Must be signed by all deed holders)
  • Temporary Construction Easement Form (PDF)
  • Residential Fire Sprinkler form (PDF)


 You can contact the Building Division  by phone at: 630.407.6700