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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Bus Service and Vanpool

Bus service is provided by Pace. Pace operates 71 fixed routes in DuPage County, including the 3 circulators in Downers Grove. Many of these routes operate in the peak period providing access from residential areas or park-and-ride facilities to the Metra Stations. Some routes provide connections between Metra stations and places of work for reverse commuters. Approximately 2.6 million passengers use PACE service annually in DuPage County. All Pace buses are equipped with bicycle racks. For information regarding routes and schedules near your residence or worksite visit Pace's website or call (847) 364-RIDE.

Pace also operates vanpool programs in DuPage County - Pace VIP Program. Vanpools are a cost effective way to commute for employees who have consistent working hours. Vanpools include groups of 5 to 15 people commuting together in one vehicle, and can serve more than one worksite. Generally, vanpools operate like a large carpool, with a volunteer driver driving the van and riders who pay fares based on commute distance and total number of riders within the group. For an example, four people sharing a van and commuting 20 miles per day would pay $87/month, while 13 riders in the same van, for the same distance, would pay $54/month. The vanpool fare covers fuel, maintenance, insurance tolls, cellular phone, roadside assistance and van washes.

Pace offers three vanpool options for commuters under the VIP Program:

Contact Pace at (847) 228-2492 to speak with their Community and Business Development Staff about possible vanpool options.

Pace Ride Share

PACE also offers a free service to help match people with carpools and vanpools.  For more information, visit Pace Ride Share or call (800) 920-RIDE.