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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Transit Shelter Program

DuPage County is seeking to expand the number of transit shelters to provide transit users in DuPage with increased comfort, sense of security, protection from adverse weather and knowledge of bus schedules (GIS display panels for real time bus scheduling and status).

The County’s objective is to add transit shelters that are privately owned, maintained and operated at no cost to the County or its Municipalities.

DuPage County has completed a Request for Proposal process to select a firm to install and maintain transit shelters in the County.

Illinois Convenience and Safety Corporation (IC&SC) has been selected, and an agreement between IC&SC was approved by the County Board on September 9, 2003. The agreement includes a process under which individual municipalities could opt to participate in the program.

In exchange for granting IC&SC the right to install transit shelters on public right-of-way and display advertising on the transit shelters, the County and participating Municipalities would receive a portion of the advertising revenue.

Objectionable ads would be promptly removed from the transit shelters by IC&SC upon request by the County or Municipality. (IC&SC has provided shelters in front of Good Samaritan Hospital – Downers Grove, and to this date there has not been any complaints over advertising content.)