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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Last Mile Transportation in DuPage County

DuPage County has promoted Quality of Life and Economic Growth among its five Strategic Planning goals. 

Key to DuPage County's economic success is business access to a professional and well qualified labor force.  Equally, the quality of life of that labor force is dependent upon access to good and reliable jobs.  For people who are transit dependent, regardless of age, economic or demographic status, one of the most necessary elements is transportation.  In today's suburban environment, there are many challenges for workers who depend on something other than the automobile for transport, including incomplete transit networks, disadvantageous scheduling, high costs of taxi and private network services, poorly developed infrastructure and more.  

DuPage County is a committed advocate for companies and workers in need of important last mile connections.  In recent years, DuPage County and the RTA have partnered on a study to examine areas of the County where workers and companies are underserved in terms of transit accessibility.  The link to the 2016 study is included below. 

DuPage County Connectivity Study (PDF)

The County and its economic development partners ChooseDuPage and workNet DuPage will continue to collaborate with private firms and municipalities in the foreseeable future.  For information on transportation programs and specific projects, please contact  John Loper at 630.407.6882.  For new and existing business in DuPage County please contact ChooseDuPage or workNet DuPage.