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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Regulatory Services


Impact Fee Estimator

The Impact Fee estimator tool is provided as a planning tool for developers seeking a preliminary estimate of fees. The estimate provided will not, in most cases, be the final fee. The final fee will be determined by DuPage County staff in consultation with the developer or developer’s architect. Please do not bring in payment based on the fee produced by the Impact Fee Estimator.

Some development and some portions of a development are exempt from impact fees. For details on exemptions and for definitions on development categories, please refer to the Impact Fee Procedures Manual located under the Regulatory Services Impact Fee page.

For guidance on the use of this tool or for questions concerning impact fees and the application process, please contact the Impact Fee desk at 630-407-6700.

Gross Fee Calculation



  • Help

    Your property PIN can be used to determine which impact fee district you are located in.
    The first two digits in the PIN represent the Township (or Fee District).
    For example, properties in Wayne Township will have a PIN like 01-XX-YYY-ZZZ,
    so you will find Township 01 in the dropdown.
    For properties in Downers Grove Township 10, please use the Downers Grove 09 Township.

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