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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Flood Control Facilities Map

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DPC Facility Map

DuPage County Flood Control Facility / Project by Watershed

Des Plaines RiverDuPage RiverEast Branch DuPage RiverFox RiverSalt CreekSawmill CreekWest Branch DuPage River
Addison Creek
Addison Creek Culvert Replacements
 River - Dumoulin Pump Station   Elmhurst Quarry  Crest Road Basin  Fawell Dam  
  Churchill Dam Modification   Wood Dale - Itasca Reservoir  Dale Road Basin  Urban Stream Research Center  
    Louis' Reservoir Warrenville Grove Dam Modification  
    Eldridge Park Reservoir North Central College Improvements
    Spring Brook Creek
Meacham Grove Dam
 Kress Creek
Kress Creek Reservoir
    Spring Brook Creek
Spring Creek Reservoir
 WB Trib #4 Wayne Oaks Dam
    Westwood Creek
Westwood Creek Dam & Pump Station
 Ferry Creek
Country Lakes
      Klein Creek
Gary-Kehoe Reservoir 
      Steeple Run
Huffman Street Improvements
Steeple Run Subdivision Improvements

Meacham Grove Dam & ReservoirSpring Creek Reservoir (operated by Public Works)Churchill Dam ModificationWayne Oaks DamGary Kehoe ReservoirWarrenville Grove Dam ModificationUrban Stream Research CenterKress Creek ReservoirCountry LakesFawell DamNorth Central College ImprovementsHuffman Street ImprovementsSteeple Run Subdivision ImprovementsRiver - Dumoulin Pump StationsWood Dale - Itasca Flood Control ReservoirWestwood Creek Dam & Pump StationLouis' ReservoirElmhurst Quarry Flood Control FacilityDale Road BasinCrest Road BasinEldridge Park ReservoirAddison Creek Culvert ReplacementsFox River WatershedFox River WatershedDuPage River WatershedDuPage River WatershedDes Plaines WatershedSawmill Creek WatershedDes Plaines WatershedEast Branch DuPage River WatershedWest Branch DuPage River WatershedSalt Creek Watershed