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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

River - Dumoulin Flood Control Project

The East Branch DuPage River Watershed drains an area of approximately 82 square miles within the central portion of DuPage County. From its headwaters near the Village of Bloomingdale, the East Branch flows in a south to southwesterly direction approximately 24 miles through residential, commercial and recreational areas of the communities of Bloomingdale, Glendale Heights, Lombard, Glen Ellyn, Downers Grove, Lisle, Westmont, Woodridge, and Naperville. The River – Dumoulin project area is centered about the East Branch in the Village of Lisle between the I-88 Tollway and Maple Avenue.

A levee system was built by the then State Division of Waterways in the 1960’s to protect the area from flooding. At that time, the levee system was designed to give a 50-year level of protection but over time the levee has settled and eroded in several locations reducing the level of protection. In addition, development throughout the East Branch watershed has contributed to increased flow rates along the mainstem, further reducing the level of protection.

The River – Dumoulin Flood Control Project is comprised of two main project components. A total of four pump stations will be constructed along the East Branch between Lacey Avenue and Burlington Avenue in Lisle to help alleviate standing water that accumulates on the landward side of the levee. Levee maintenance of approximately 3000 feet of the existing levee system along the East Branch has also been proposed. The levee will be raised to restore the settled and eroded areas to their original design elevations. Permanent drainage easements are being acquired from landowners along the levee.

The four pumping stations were completed in 2009. The pump stations are located on the residential side of the river embankment at the toe of the embankment side slope. The locations were selected to be at relative low spots as indicated by topography. Surface stormwater must rise to a level that will enable it to flow overland to the pump station gravity inlets. The pump stations will then pump the stormwater over the levee into the East Branch DuPage River.

The four pumping stations will minimize area flooding from small to medium sized storms. These stations are not designed to alleviate surface ponding, to prevent area flooding for major storm events, or to prevent flooding when the river flow overtops the levee embankment. The local areas are relatively flat and ponding will continue to occur in low spots, because the general drainage patterns in the subdivision will remain unchanged.

Pump Station & Gravity Drains

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Gravity Drains

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