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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Weeks Park Drainage Facility


Weeks Park is a drainage facility located within the Gary Avenue Gardens Subdivision in unincorporated Wheaton.   Runoff from the surrounding neighborhood is collected through storm sewers and open channels (ditches) that outlet into a reservoir constructed in Weeks Park that is capable of holding up to approximately 21 acre-feet, or 6.84 million gallons, of stormwater.  The drainage facility is controlled by a pumping station, which discharges stormwater from the Weeks Park detention facility into another reservoir to the west, and eventually into a tributary to Klein Creek.  Under larger flood conditions, Weeks Park is designed to flood, and is allowed to do so through easement permission granted by the property owner, the Carol Stream Park District.   


The facility was originally constructed and maintained by Milton Township.  Starting in the early 1990’s, improvements to the facility have been made by DuPage County to help it run more efficiently.  Improvements made to date include upgrading the existing pump station, replacing box culverts within the Mellor Road right-of-way, and re-grading the adjacent drainage ditches.  Best management practices in the Mellor Road right-of-way have been introduced by installing native plantings to contribute to water quality and preservation of existing wetlands.  Currently, DuPage County’s Shared Services Division is responsible for regular inspection of the reservoir outlet and native vegetation, in addition to maintenance and utilities of the pump station.  Property maintenance is performed by the Carol Stream Park District.