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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Churchill Woods Dam Removal

The Churchill Woods dam removal was a water quality-driven project on the East Branch DuPage River. During the construction phases, the dam was fully removed, riffles were installed to maintain a stable stream and adjacent wetlands were restored with the planting of native plants. Project successes include:

  • Increased stream flow and improved dissolved oxygen levels
  • Established a wetland habitat by planting nearly 150,000 mature plugs of native species
  • Eliminated the upstream impoundment to reduce water temperatures & excessive algal biomass
  • Removed barriers to native fish & mussel dispersion, increasing fish movement & biodiversity in local streams
  • Installed riffles to maintain a stable stream channel to prevent sediment buildup & erosion.

Churchill Woods Pre-Construction  Churchill Woods During Construction  

Churchill Woods Riffles  Churchill Woods Post-Construction