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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Flood Control Improvements at Graue Mill


The Graue Mill neighborhood, located in Hinsdale, is subject to both interior drainage issues, also known as urban flooding, and riverine flooding of the adjacent Salt Creek. Severe flooding of both types has occurred repeatedly in the area, must recently and notably in April 2013. The DuPage County Stormwater Management Planning Committee and County Board voted to include a series of flood control projects within the County’s Lower Salt Creek Watershed Plan. The County, Village of Hinsdale and Graue Mill have worked together to design these projects, which are currently underway.


Phase 1, completed in May 2016, consisted of two projects. The projects were awarded to Copenhaver Construction and improvements included installation of storm sewer, storm cleanouts, a grate replacement, downspout connections, one floodgate, paving and vegetative restoration.

Phase 2 began in October 2016 and reached substantial completion in August 2017.  It was awarded to Copenhaver Construction and included construction of floodwalls, pump stations, berms, floodgates and new utilities that were installed to protect many of the buildings from inundation from Salt Creek while also creating additional emergency access routes for residents. The vegetation for the project will be under the management phase for a minimum of three years, or until all permit requirements are met for the project.

Phase 3 was substantially completed in November 2016 by Earthwerks Land Improvement and Development Corporation. This phase includes the creation of compensatory storage (excavation) in Fullersburg Woods Forest Preserve to compensate for any fill within the floodplain from Phase 2. The site will be planted with native trees, shrubs and plugs in spring 2017. Following completion of the plantings, the project will enter a three-year monitoring period to satisfy permit requirements. 

The fourth and final Phase of the project was awarded to Rausch Infrastructure in August 2017.  Construction began in October 2017.  Approximately 20% of the project is completed to date, which includes partial construction of flood walls, earthen berms, and storm sewer.  The project is expected to continue through Spring 2018, with final restoration completed by Summer 2018.


Construction Oversight: Jamie Lock, Project Engineer, DuPage County Stormwater Management