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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Stormwater Permit Submittal Packet

Stormwater Application Fee is due at time of submittal as of April 1, 2005.

All developments applying for a DuPage County Stormwater Management Permit that will be reviewed by the DuPage County Department of Economic Development and Planning, Division of Environmental Concerns are required to follow the instructions outlined in this packet.  

The following items are included in the stormwater submittal packet:

The items included in this submittal packet are intended to help you decide what information is required in your permit application as well as how to format the submittal. The following list describes the procedure for preparing and submitting your permit application.

  1. The developer attends a pre-application meeting with community and representatives from the DuPage County Department of Development & Stormwater to discuss the permit requirements for the proposed development (optional, but recommended). A summary of required data items that the developer should bring to the pre-application meeting is available from the community or the DuPage County Department of Development & Stormwater.
  2. The developer completes the Stormwater Permit Submittal Flow Chart work sheets. This flow chart will help the developer determine which submittals are required. The developer must highlight the path that is appropriate for the development in question and circle the required submittal boxes [e.g., Stormwater Management Permit Application (TAB 1), Wetland Submittal (TAB 4), etc.].
  3. The developer prepares the submittal items and completes the DuPage County Countywide Stormwater and Flood Plain Ordinance checklist.
  4. The developer completes the DuPage County Stormwater Management Permit Application form (or community equivalent). The developer should contact the community that will receive the application for the submittal fee amount. If the developer is unsure where to send the submittal items, they should contact the DuPage County Department of Development & Stormwater.
  5. The developer submits four (4) copies of the following items to the community along with the Stormwater Management Permit Application (or community equivalent) and permit fee:
    • Completed Stormwater Permit Submittal Flow chart
    • Completed DuPage County Countywide Stormwater and Flood Plain Ordinance checklist
    • Submittal report with all submittal items included (Tabs 1 – 9)
  6. If any of the required submittal items are missing, all of the submitted materials will be returned to the applicant. Please note that this initial review of the submitted items is based on the developer’s determination of the required submittals using the Stormwater Permit Submittal Flow chart. If the developer fails to identify the need for a particular submittal item [e.g., Wetland Submittal (TAB 4), Flood Plain Submittal (TAB 3), etc.] this cursory review will not identify this deficiency.
  7. After a complete submittal has been provided to the community and forwarded to the Department of Development & Stormwater (if necessary), a confirmation letter will be sent to the applicant stating that all of the submittal items required to initiate the review have been received. A proposed duration for the review will also be included in the confirmation letter.
  8. When the review is complete, a review letter from the community will be transmitted to the applicant outlining the deficiencies or indicating that the stormwater permit has been certified. If a resubmittal is required, the resubmittal must include a complete collection of submittal items as identified in (5).
  9. After the stormwater permit is certified and the developer completes the construction of the stormwater facilities and mass grading, the developer must prepare as-built drawings of the site. An as-built checklist is available through the DuPage County Department of Development & Stormwater. The as-built drawings must be approved prior to the issuance of individual building/stormwater permits.