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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Stormwater Administrators & Municipal Engineers


Each community who has adopted the DuPage County Ordinance is required to designate a Stormwater Administrator to execute the Ordinance. In addition, Stormwater Administrators and other municipal engineers provide input in countywide regulations through the Municipal Engineers Group (MEG) and Municipal Engineers Discussion Group (MEDG), which convene monthly. 

DuPage County Stormwater Administrators

    Municipal Engineers Group

    The Municipal Engineers Group (MEG) was established to provide input to the Director for representation of communities on technical matters related to the Ordinance, recommend General Certification topics, review draft revisions to the Ordinance and discuss permitting issues where a recommendation is requested. 

    MEG Bylaws

      Municipal Engineers Discussion Group

      The MEDG is a group comprised of a larger audience for informal discussion of stormwater administration matters in general. The MEDG is regularly scheduled to meet during each monthly MEG meeting. Professional Development Hours (PDHs) may be earned during these meetings.

        Technical Guidance Documents