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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Water Quality Improvement Grant Program

DuPage County Stormwater Management's Water Quality Improvement Grant Program provides financial assistance to projects providing a regional water quality benefit. This program is open to any organization or individual within DuPage County with an eligible water quality project. Eligible projects include stream bank stabilization involving bioengineering practices; in-stream habitat improvements; pond restoration; channel rehabilitation; riparian buffer rehabilitation; wetland creation and/or restoration; and green infrastructure to reduce or filter stormwater runoff.

The County will fund up to 25% of construction costs for the portions of projects that provide water quality benefits not otherwise required. Additionally, up to 25% of the maintenance and monitoring costs are eligible for reimbursement through the program once construction is complete to ensure project success.

Stormwater Management will prioritize projects based on an evaluation of project merit. For example, projects providing a greater water quality benefit will have a greater prioritization. Therefore, it may be beneficial to solicit participation from neighboring stakeholders.  Please be certain to indicate on your application the status of project design and permit receipt (where applicable), as additional points will be awarded, during the evaluation process, to those projects that have completed these measures.  The intent of the grant program is to award funding to those projects deemed to provide the greatest water quality benefit and most prepared for immediate construction.

Please refer to the Water Quality Improvement Program Grant Application Guide FY 2018 for information on the program, as well as how to apply. The deadline for applying for fiscal year 2018 funding is Friday, January 12, 2018.

Past Water Quality Improvement Projects

 Lace Elementary School Green Roof

Darien Public School Green Roof  

Glen Ellyn Stream bank Stabilization 

Streambank Stabilization

Spring Road Tributary Stream Bank Stabilization

Spring Road Tributary

Warrenville Road Permeable Pavers

Warrenville Permeable Pavers

Villa Park Police Station Green Roof 

Villa Park Green Roof

Bloomingdale Township Natural Habitat Restoration

Habitat Restoration in Bloomingdale