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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Jeanine Nicarico Child Advocacy Center and Neutral Exchange Center Optimal Daylighting and Natural Ventilation

Optimal Daylighting Techniques

  • Clerestory windows are evenly placed along the upper volume of the space to allow daylight to pour in on the north and south faces of the building.
  • The ceiling is used as a reflecting surface for the perimeter daylighting at the clerestory, and also used as a reflecting surface for the artificial upward directional lighting on the perimeter wall.
  • Artificial lighting is installed in close proximity to exterior windows to minimize the appearance of lighting fixtures and help the lighting seem more natural.

Natural Ventilation Design Techniques

  • Lower level windows are operable to allow cool air from the native landscape to enter along the floor surface.
  • The clerestory windows are operated by the building automated mechanical system when outdoor air temperatures and humidity are optimal. These high windows create a cross-ventilation of the main spaces when combined with open lower level windows.
  • Carefully designed open space planning allows for crossing breezes to increase the volume of outdoor air.

Nicarico Building Optimal Daylighting Techniques Nicarico Building Daylighting Natural Ventilation Design Techniques