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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Jeanine Nicarico Children's Advocacy and Neutral Exchange Center Renewable Energy and Green Power Purchase

Renewable Energy

The roof of the facility has a film-based photovoltaic system.  The design strategy was to produce enough electricity on site to offset the use of lighting and plug loads in the facility.
The photovoltaics produce 15MWh of electricity annually.  This is roughly equivalent to the pollution caused by 11 tons of carbon dioxide. This is the equivalent to the pollution caused by 11 tons of carbon dioxide.  This is the equivalent of 11,000 pounds of burned coal or 24 barrels of oil consumed; or the equivalent of the carbon sequestered by 265 tree seedlings grown for 10 years or 8.5 acres of U.S. forest in one year.

Green Power Purchase

The facility also purchases a 35% of the off-site electricity that it uses from green power e-certificates.  This program helps fund the development and operation of wind farms and other renewable energy systems in the region.

The building houses a 15 kW solar photovoltaic system installed over a fully-adhered roofing system, 60-mil thick reinforced thermoplastic polyolefin membrane. The roofs reflective surface measures a Solar Reflective index of 100 and is U.S. EPA Energy Star certified. The solar modules applied directly over the roof membrane are CIGS thin film technology on a flexible substrate and are extremely light weight weighing 0.7 lb/ per square foot. The solar photovoltaic array covers 1,389 square feet of the roof and is adhered with adhesive allowing for very few penetrations.  

The installed data logger meter converts and publishes daily energy savings and converts to various equivalents.   View real time data from the solar panels.  Please note that during snow cover the system will be generating energy intermittently.  .

  Solar Roofing Materials  Solar Panel Installation

The system is equivalent to saving 11,000 pounds of burned coal or 24 barrels of oil the carbon sequestered by 265 trees for 10 years. Renewable energy credits were purchased as well to augment the commitment to renewable and sustainable power.