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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Cool DuPage for Government

DuPage County invites residents, businesses and government agencies to join the Cool DuPage effort to reduce energy consumption.  By working together, we can help DuPage County reduce greenhouse gases through big and small changes. 

Energy Efficiency for Government Entities

  • One of the easiest and cost-effective ways for Government Entities to become more energy efficient is to replace old incandescent lighting with LED lighting. This reduces energy consumption, improves lighting quality and provides an immediate electricity savings. Another great way to lower energy bills is by installing occupancy sensor that will only illuminate areas when occupied.
  • Have a professional perform an Energy Assessment to determine what areas, such as:  insulation, air sealing, windows, roofs, heating, venting and air conditioning, need to be improved or replaced. Choose ENERGY STAR certified whenever possible when replacing products.
  • Incorporating a Native garden is a great way to reduce maintenance as well as provide a beautiful landscape for employees and guests to enjoy. Native plants decrease pollutants, require less watering and maintenance, reduce emissions and attract crucial pollinators, mosquito predators, butterflies, birds and dragonflies.


2019 Webinar on Energy Efficiency for Public Sector Customers - ComEd

Funding Opportunities

Business Energy Efficiency Programs are a various set incentive programs from lighting, to energy assessments, detailed technical assessments for different business types and processes. Funding has been released for this upcoming year so don't delay in sending in your application. 


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