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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Press Release

Thursday, October 22, 2020

High Voter Turnout in DuPage County Over One-Quarter of Registered Voters have Cast Ballots

Over one-quarter of DuPage County’s voters have cast ballots for the 2020 General Election to date. The combination of 69,499 early voting location voters and 107,017 mail voters totaled 176,516 as of 7:24 PM today, surpassing 27 percent turnout.

“Nationwide, high voter turnout has been predicted for months. It appears that the numbers in DuPage are reflecting that prediction, despite the ongoing pandemic,” DuPage County Clerk Jean Kaczmarek said. “In terms of ballots cast, we’re already heading quickly toward the halfway point of 2016 final turnout – 434,050 – 12 days from Election Day.”

DuPage County is entering the 2020 General Election with 644,796 registered voters. Nearly 45,000 voters have registered within the past year.

Historic General Election Voter Turnout in DuPage County

2016   Turnout – 70.6%    Ballots Cast – 434,050   Registered Voters – 614,752

2012   Turnout – 71.4%    Ballots Cast – 400,601   Registered Voters – 560,718

2008   Turnout – 76.3%    Ballots Cast – 420,397   Registered Voters – 551,280

2004   Turnout – 76.1%    Ballots Cast – 404,117   Registered Voters – 530,732

2000   Turnout – 76.5%    Ballots Cast – 369,300   Registered Voters – 482,789

On Monday, DuPage County shattered the record for the first day of expanded early voting by 58 percent with 12,380 ballots cast. Historic comparisons for the same day in 2018 – 6,218; 2016 – 7,809; 2012 – 5,138; and 2008 – 2,956.

“We’re continuing to see daily records at expanded early voting compared with previous elections. The average has been over 13,000 daily this week,” Kaczmarek said. 

The busiest early voting site – the Fairgrounds – is also the largest; lines have been have been short this week. The Fairgrounds site offers both paper ballots and touchscreen voting.

The County Clerk’s office increased the number of Early Voting sites by 50 percent since the primary. Early Voting locations and times can be found on the Clerk’s website:

DuPage citizens who have not registered to vote may do so at Early Voting locations and Election Day polling places, with the required two forms of identification. “I recommend voters needing to register to vote do so at an Early Voting location as soon as possible to avoid long lines closer to Election Day,” Kaczmarek added. 

Kaczmarek urges voters who have received their mail ballots to complete and return them as soon as possible. Voters may return voted mail ballots via the following options: a USPS mailbox, no postage required; the DuPage County Clerk Election Division office; drop boxes located at the south parking lot and main entrance of the Jack T. Knuepfer Administration Building, 421 County Farm Road, Wheaton; or at drop boxes located at any DuPage County Early Voting location or Election Day polling place.