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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

AccuVote Touch Screen Voting Device (TSX)AccuVote TSX

To Vote a Touchscreen Ballot

  1. After you check in at the polling place, if selected, the Ballot Judge will give you an encoded Voter Access Card. The Voter Access Card is a smartcard the size and shape of a credit card which contains a computer chip, some memory and basic data such as your voting district, or ballot style, and, in a Primary Election, the political party ballot requested.

  2. Once at the voting machine, insert the Voter Access Card into the machine to load your ballot for voting. 

    Be sure to verify that the correct Ballot Style (group of districts) is loaded prior to casting your ballot. Once the ballot is cast, you cannot change re-vote your ballot. Press “NEXT”

  3. Touch the box on the screen next to your choice. An “X” will appear designating your selection. To change or cancel your selection, touch the box again and make another selection.

    To cast a vote for a Write-In Candidate, selection “Write-In” and a keyboard will appear to enter the Candidate’s Name. Press “Record Write-In” to complete the vote.

  4. After advancing to the end of the ballot, you can review your choices on the Summary Page. If you wish to change any selections, touch the desired race you would like to change and you will be taken back to the proper page to cast your vote.

  5. To verify your selections, touch “Print Ballot” and you will see an enclosed printed copy of your choices on a Voter Verified Paper Trail (VVPAT) in the printer to the right of the machine.

  6. After reviewing your ballot printout, you can either cast or reject your ballot. If you are satisfied with your selections, touch “Cast Ballot”. The record of the vote is directly recorded electronically to multiple, internal flash memory cards and the Voter Access Card is reset to ensure that it can only be used to vote once. The paper roll containing your selections will scroll into the internal canister inside the AccuVote-TSX.

  7. The Voter Access Card will eject from the machine. Remove the card and return it to the Ballot Judge.