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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Fiscal Year 2004 Financial & Budget Plan

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County Clerk Letter

I. Annual Appropriation OrdinanceCounty Board-Annual Appropriation Ordinance for the Fiscal Period 12/1/03-11/30/04
II. Annual Tax Levy OrdinanceOrdinance
Corporate Fund Levy by Department and Category
Other Fund Levies by Department and Category
III. Methods of FinancingAnticipated Financial Resources by Fund, by Department
IV. Analysis of Revenues & TransfersHistorical Revenue & Transfer Analysis, Corporate Fund

Historical Revenue & Transfer Analysis, Other Funds

V. Expenditure and Appropriation ComparisonCorporate Fund

Other Funds

VI. Long Term Debt AnalysisGeneral Obligation/Alternate Revenue
VII. Annual Tax Levy and Tax Rate ComparisonAnnual Tax Levy Comparison, by Fund

Annual Tax Rate Comparison, by Fund

VIII. Departmental Management BudgetsAll Departments
IX. Selected Comparative Management Budget AnalysisMulti-Year Grand Total Appropriation Analysis

Reappropriation Summary by Department

X. DuPage County Health Department Board of Directors

Annual Appropriation Ordinance

Departmental Appropriations by Fund

Annual Tax Levy Ordinance

Anticipated Financial Resources

Management Budgets

XI. Special Service Areas Ordinance Numbers and Levies

Departmental Management Budgets

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