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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Fiscal Year 2006 Financial & Budget Plan

Download Entire Plan (Very large file - 41.7 MB)

County Board Members by District

Distinguished Budget Presentation Award

Organization Chart & Summary

County Executive Summary

  • Executive Summary
  • Appropriation Summary Comparisons
  • FY2006 Budget Concepts
  • FY2006 Budget Priorities
  • Budget Process

Annual Appropriation Ordinance

Budget Summary 

  • Revenue, Expenditure and Appropriation Comparison, Corporate Fund
  • Expenditures and Appropriation Comparison, Special Revenue Funds
  • Expenditures and Appropriation Comparison, Capital Project Funds
  • Expenditures and Appropriation Comparison, Debt Service Funds
  • Expenditures and Appropriation Comparison, Grant Funds

Revenue Summary 

  • Definition of Corporate Fund Revenue Classifications
  • Corporate Fund Revenue by Classification
  • Revenue Analysis FY2003–FY2006, Special Revenue Funds
  • Revenue Analysis FY2003–FY2006, Capital Project Funds
  • Revenue Analysis FY2003–FY2006, Debt Service Funds
  • Revenue Analysis FY2003–FY2006, Grant Funds

Tax Levy Summaries 

  • Tax Levy Ordinance
  • Summary of Tax Levies and Rates
  • Graph: % Distribution of 2005 Property Tax Levy Components
  • Graph: 2004 Property Tax Dollar Allocation
  • Property Tax Facts
  • Graph: Average Household Tax Savings 1992-2004
  • Graph: County-wide Cumulative Property Tax Savings 1992-2004

Corporate Fund 

  • Corporate Fund Described
  • Summary FY03-FY06 Corporate Fund Budget Comparison
  • Graph: Corporate Fund Approved Budget by Category
  • Graph: FY2004 Total Cost by Function
  • Departmental Management Budgets

Special Revenue Funds 

  • Special Revenue Funds Described
  • Departmental Management Budgets

Capital Project Funds 

  • Capital Project Funds Described
  • Departmental Management Budgets

Long Term Debt Funds 

  • Long Term Debt Funds Described
  • Departmental Management Budgets

Grant Funds 

  • Grants Funds Described
  • 18th Judicial Circuit Court Grants
  • Community Services Grants
  • Convalescent Center Grants
  • Division of Transportation Grants
  • Economic Development & Planning Grants
  • Election Commission Grants
  • Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Grants
  • Public Works Grants
  • County Sheriff's Department Grants
  • County State's Attorney Grants

Special Service Areas 

  • Special Service Areas Summary
  • Special Service Area 14 Appropriation and Tax Levy Ordinance
  • Special Service Area 27 Appropriation and Tax Levy Ordinance
  • Departmental Management Budgets

Health Department 

  • Board of Directors
  • Annual Appropriation Ordinance
  • Tax Levy Ordinance
  • Methods of Financing
  • Departmental Management Budgets


A - County Clerk Filing 

B - Financial Discussion 

C - Statement of Cash Balances 

  • All Funds FY2003-FY2005
  • Graph: Corporate Fund Cash Balance FY2001-FY2006

D - Authorized Positions 

  • Resolution for the Authorized Personnel Count
  • 2006 Authorized Positions vs. Budgeted Headcount
  • Three-year Authorized Staffing Comparison

E - 5-Year Capital Expenditure Summary 

  • Corporate Fund
  • Other Funds

F - DuPage County Socio-Economic Information 

G - Glossary 

Many DuPage County documents are provided in Adobe PDF format. To view them, you need the free Acrobat Reader.