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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

FY2014 Financial & Budget Plan Details

Entire Plan

Download Entire Plan (Large File - 14 MB)

2014 DuPage County Financial Plan Appendix 

By Section

DuPage County Mission Statement 

General Information  

  • County Board Members by District
  • County Board District Map
  • Organization Chart
  • County Board Committee Structure & Meeting Times
  • DuPage County Additional Committee Schedules
  • Government Finance Officer’s Awards
  • Budgetary Process, Calendar, Fund Structure
  • Fund Descriptions
  • Financial Policies

Executive Summary 

  • What’s New in the FY2012 Budget Document
  • Chairman’s Transmittal Letter
  • Appropriation Summary, All Agencies
  • Appropriation and Transfer Historic Summary
  • Five Year Outlook Overview
  • General Fund Five-Year Outlook 
  • Graph:  General Fund Budget with 5 Year Outlook 
  • Division of Transportation Five-Year Outlook 
  • Convalescent Center Five-Year Outlook 
  • Public Works Five-Year Outlook 
  • Stormwater Fund Five-Year Outlook
  •  Expenditure/Budget History by Government Function 
  • Graph: FY2012 Approved Budget by Function
  • Graph: General Fund Total Cost by Function
  • Total Department Costs with Indirect Costs
  • Summary of FY2012 Budget and Headcount by Government Function
  • Personnel Headcount Summary FY2009-FY2012 
  • Graph:  FY2012 Headcount by Function, All Funds
  • Graph:  FY2012 Headcount by Function, General Fund

Financial Summary 

  • Statement of Financing Sources, Expenditures & Transfers
  • Statement of Fund Balances
  • Definitions of Revenue Classifications
  • Major Revenue Issues
  • Graph: Sales Tax Revenue Comparison 2004-2012
  •  Graph: FY2011 Actual Sales Tax by Component
  • Graph: Sales Tax History Comparison by Month
  • Graph: Dept of Transportation Operational Revenue & Forecast
  • Property Tax Levies:
    • Graph: Distribution of 2011 Property Tax Levy
    • Comparison of Tax Levies and Rates 2008-2011
    • Graph: Distribution of 2010 Property Taxes to Local Taxing Bodies
    • Graph:  Cumulative Property Tax Taxpayer Savings 1991-2010
    • Local Government Property Tax Levy Growth Comparison
    • Graph:  Property Tax Levy Growth Comparison
  • Income Tax:
    • Graph:  Annual Income Tax Revenue Comparison 2004-2012
  • Departmental Revenue:
    • Revenue and Transfer Summary by Classification
    • General Fund Revenue by Classification
    • Graph: General Fund Revenue Component Analysis
    • Graph: General Fund Revenue History
    • Special Revenue Funds Revenue History
    • Debt Financed Capital Project Funds Revenue History
    • Debt Service Revenue History

General Fund 

Non-General Fund 

Capital Projects/Improvements (Bond & County Financed) Funds 

Debt Service Funds 


  • Appropriation Ordinances & Resolutions
  • Special Service Areas
  • Grant Funds
  • Health Department
  • Emergency Telephone Systems Board
  • Socio-Economic Information
  • Strategic Planning
  • Acronyms/Glossary of Terms