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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

DP4B: Station Description (Formerly DP4A)

The County of DuPage, with cooperation from our Public Works Sanitary Division, is operating a Leica GR10 - "GNSS" GPS receiver as a reference station coupled with a AS10 Pillar Antenna. The antenna is mounted on top at the Southeast corner of the Roof of the Knollwood Control Facility.



Station Log  DP4A


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Rinex Data Symbol


 DP4A - NGS CORS from June 27 2005 - Decommissioned  Nov. 2012.
 DP4B - CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Station) network since Nov. 2012.

NGS Patch

CORS Home Page 

DP4B Station Overview

Location:  UNC Burr Ridge, IL (Knollwood Treatment Plant)

GPS Receiver:  Leica GR10.

Antenna:  Leica AS10 Pillar.

Logging Interval:  1 Second

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