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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Job Details for 5241 - Director of Economic Development and Planning

Job Description

Under administrative direction; performs work of unusual difficulty directing and administering DuPage County’s Planning and Economic Development initiatives including the divisions of planning, zoning and building and stormwater as well as programs associated with the Workforce Investment Act and DuPage Biz; performs related work as required.

The employee in this class performs high-level administrative and managerial duties involving the coordination of DuPage County’s Economic Development and Planning functions. Work involves responsibility for facilitation of the department’s activities through intergovernmental cooperation and coordination with other state and federal agencies. Administrative direction is received from the County Board Chairperson, the County Board and the Chief of Staff. Management direction is provided to approximately seven subordinate supervisors/managers.

Plans, directs, and supervises the activities of professional staff in the divisions of the Economic Development and Planning Department: Economic Development, Workforce Development, Building, Zoning, Planning for land use, transportation and transit, and trails, Stormwater management including wetlands and drainage, and DuPage Biz; works with local chambers of commerce and municipalities and local trade groups to foster economic development; functions as a member of the County’s management team to resolve issues and implement plans of action; works with the Illinois Department of Economic Opportunity and a multitude of municipal and regional public/ private entities to encourage and plan development in the region; serves as advisor to the County Board on economic development and planning issues; serves as County liaison with representatives from the federal and state government and other stakeholders regarding economic development activities and planning issues; directs the provision of job assistance programs for unemployed and economically disadvantaged residents through the Work Force Investment Act; works with representatives of the DuPage Technology Park and the DuPage Airport Authority to coordinate regional development projects; directs and coordinates all functions of the department including overall budget strategy and preparation, administration and manpower estimation; conducts various studies for the appropriate County Board parent committee(s) related to economic development, environmental issues, and planning needs. Completes required training programs and stays current with County Emergency Management operational policies and procedures; supports the County Incident Command and Emergency Management Systems in preparedness, response and recovery efforts; maintains 24/7 availability to respond to emergencies, exercises and other related activities.

Comprehensive knowledge of economic development issues and long range planning activities; comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration; comprehensive knowledge of activities, laws and ordinances and various financing means related to economic development and planning activities; comprehensive knowledge of public program development and fiscal management related to grant funded programs; considerable knowledge of government budgeting procedures.

Comprehensive skill in communicating effectively orally and in writing; comprehensive skill in establishing working relationships with outside organizations; comprehensive skill in representing the interest of the county to federal, state, county, private and public organizations, and economic development officials; comprehensive skill in the ability to communicate complex ideas to very diverse groups; comprehensive skill in planning, scheduling, and directing the work of others; comprehensive skill in analyzing, evaluating, and arriving at conclusions on a wide range of problems and situations.

Completion of a Master’s degree in Business, Public Administration, Civil Engineering or related degree; and ten years of related experience which included five years in a management level position; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.