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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Employment Opportunity: Seasonal/Internships

Title: Seasonal and Intern Employment Opportunities - Stormwater

Closing Date: Until Filled

Department: Stormwater Management

Hours: Temporary

The County provides seasonal and intern opportunities annually. Persons hired as seasonal workers or interns remain active for a period of one year (April 1 – March 31) and are eligible to return during this period as needed. Persons interested in seasonal work or intern positions must complete an employment application in accordance with the department’s projects.

Seasonal Employment Schedule
Spring Season: March 1 – March 31
Summer Season: April 1 – September 30
Winter Season: November 15 – February 28  

Posting Number Classification Description


Intern-Stormwater Management Engineering


•    Assist the Stormwater staff with field reconnaissance, construction observation, and data collection for stormwater projects and infrastructure countywide
•    Conduct drainage inspections at locations throughout DuPage County
•    Assist with surveying and mapping of drainage infrastructure countywide
•    Assist with general office duties - data entry & analysis, mapping, research, reporting, and record keeping
•    Ability to work outdoors under adverse weather conditions
•    Periodic interaction with members of the public 

 1850 Intern-Stormwater Management Water Quality
•    Assist with sampling and monitoring streams
•    Conduct field inspections at locations throughout DuPage County
•    Assist with preparation and staffing of community events
•    General office duties - data entry and analysis, research
 1851 Intern-Stormwater Management Wetland

•    Assist the Wetland Specialists with a wide range of activities in the field and office
•    Conduct field inspections at locations throughout DuPage County
•    General office duties - filling, copying, note taking, data entry and analysis, research, permit compliance inspections and record keeping
•    Complete requests for information
•   Strong written and oral communications skills
•   Ability to work outdoors under adverse weather conditions

 1852  Intern-Water Quality Communications

•    Assist with managing community events for the department, including scheduling, preparation and staffing of events
•    Write and edit various publications and communications including press releases, newsletters, brochures, social media, etc.
•    Work on special projects, including report preparation, presentations, fieldwork and/or project reporting
•    Maintain and update department's webpage
•    Assist with the production of short videos
•    General office duties - data entry and analysis, research

 9172 Seasonal Labor Worker  •    Performs manual labor

Hiring Rates

$12.00/hr. completed freshman year
$12.50/hr. completed sophomore year
$13.00/hr. completed junior year
$14.00/hr. completed senior year
$1 increase for returning interns ($15/hr. maximum)

Seasonal Labor:
$10.00/hr. and .25/hr. increase for returning workers

Intern positions require the applicant to be actively taking undergraduate or graduate level courses at an accredited institution to obtain an Associates, Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degree, or be a recent graduate (within past year).

All new employees will require a pre-employment background check.  Returning employees will complete a waiver in regard to background.  Some positions will require a valid Illinois Driver’s License in good standing.

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DuPage County is an Equal Opportunity Employer