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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Information Technology


IT Divisions

The DuPage County Information Technology department provides technical services for at least 30 County Departments and Elected Official offices, and approximately 60 police agencies, title companies, and County assessors.

Services include Technical Support, Network Infrastructure, Business Analysis, Application Development, and GIS.

IT Infrastructure Division

The I.T. Infrastructure Division provides Voice and Data Services for DuPage County departments, Elected Officials, other state and local municipalities and private industry.

  • Local and Wide Area Network Design and Support
  • Personal Computing Services
  • Enterprise Systems and Applications
  • Telecommunications Service
  • Wireless and Remote Service

Business Analysis and Application Development

The Business Analysis and Application Development Division provides business application design and support for County departments and Elected Officials offices. The services include business analysis, software selection, project management, systems implementation, and support. Applications include off-the-shelf software products, as well as custom-written systems tailored to the specific needs of the business.

The division includes County Web Services. DuPage County has made great strides over the past few years in providing more information, forms, and applications via our website. 

Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.)

For over 20 years, the G.I.S. Division has been responsible for the annual production and maintenance of over 30,000 maps. This includes tax parcel maps in the County's plat books and election maps supporting elections held within the County. In addition, they provide numerous specialized maps to support many of the County's other agencies; including Stormwater, Transportation, Planning and Zoning, and Community Development.

But G.I.S. is much more than paper maps. At its core it provides the tools necessary to analyze the County's geographic-based databases to meet decision-makers' needs. For example, G.I.S. is being used by County stormwater engineers to determine flood risk for County properties. G.I.S. is also an integral part of the County's Office of Emergency Management's efforts to plan for and respond to emergency situations.