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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Shared Services: Team 1 - Joint Procurement


Team 1 will investigate joint procurement.  Items such as email, calendar, office productivity applications will be investigated.

Team Members

Team Leaders: Eric Ertmoed, Administrative Services Director-Village of Lisle and Chad Michaelis Director of IT-City of Wheaton
DuPage County Resources: Joan Morange, Finance-Procurement Services and Wendi Wagner, IT 


Our team is tasked with identifying government entities interested in moving to cloud based email, calendar, and/or office productivity; educating interested entities about existing options and pricing; and grouping interested entities for the joint procurement of cloud based email, calendar, and or office productivity.  We will be hosting a meeting in early August for those entities interested.  More details on the meeting to follow.  In the meantime, please take the following brief survey so that we can begin to gather information. 

Update 9/15/2011

DuPage County has partnered with the Village of Lisle, City of Naperville, and City of Wheaton to lead a joint procurement of cloud-based e-mail & calendar applications. Phase I of the project was to survey local government agencies to determine their levels of interest and technical requirements. This phase has been completed, and out of 28 responses to the survey, there are 10 agencies considering moving e-mail to the cloud. We have also met with both Microsoft and Google to discuss their offerings. Phase II of the project is to develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) and solicit pricing, which has begun. However, there are potential issues with law enforcement agencies using cloud-based systems, and both Google and Microsoft are working through the issues. Once these issues are settled, we will issue the RFP and select a provider. Our goal is to have an RFP on the street by mid-October.