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1. Corporette

While this blog's most popular posts help female readers steer clear of the fashion police, former Wall Street lawyer Kat Griffin also takes questions from young lawyers and others about how to avoid career pitfalls. Posts written with empathy cover business etiquette, troubles with co-workers, interviewing, networking and more.

2. Legal Geeks

Post cover the legal issues that arise (whether they are acknowledged or not) in TV shows and the latest theatrical releases usually of the sci-fi / fantasy variety.

 3. Gavel to Gavel

 This National Center for State Courts blog covers new legislation affecting the courts in all 50 states. It also has a helpful  database that allows a reader to search bills affecting courts by state, type or year. Posts also identify legislative trends among the states.

4. Internet Cases

 Blog posts summarize federal and state court decisions related to social media, blogging and copyright. The author also discusses newly emerging technology issues, cybersecurity and how content licensing is affected by Internet laws.

 5. iPhone J.D.

New Orleans lawyer Jeff Richardson lines up to get his hands on the latest Apple products on the day they are released, shares his experiences in great detail (focusing on the lawyerly uses of these devices) and rounds up Apple coverage from all over the Web. So if you want the skinny on iOS 7, the iPhone 5S, and the recently released iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display, this is the blog to visit.

6. Attorney at work

"'One really good idea every day' to help lawyers create the career and lives they love." Posts give advice on productivity, networking, marketing and rainmaking and discuss technology for the legal workplace.

 7. Dewey B Strategic

Legal research services—Bloomberg BNA, LexisNexis, Westlaw—are a big part of this blog's beat. But O'Grady also takes close looks at new legal research platforms, interviews legal publishing leaders, and explores the evolving role of law librarians as the profession absorbs new technology and law firms rethink how they serve clients.

 8. 3 Geeks and a Law Blog

Nope, it's not another comic book blog - although we love those. Check this out if you're interested in information management, law libraries, Internet marketing or the role of technology in law practice management. The 3 Geeks (lesser-seen founder Sophia Lisa Salazar, Greg Lambert and Toby Brown) get fruitful reader discussions going with their "Elephant Posts," which ask for multiple views on a single issue or question.

9. What the Public Defender?

This microblog, born in March, has caught fire and spawned imitators. "With nothing but Tumblr and impeccable taste in celebrity GIFs," this blog "transports readers directly into the id of public defenders everywhere," writes Litigation & Trial's Max Kennerly.

10.Fault Lines

Op-eds and first-person posts on criminal law topics and coverage of appellate criminal decisions.