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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Uploading Documents to DuPage County's E-Filing System

How do I get started uploading my court documents?

You will need to login to  your e-filing account. If you do not already have an e-filing account please register at For instructions on how to register please see the  Electronic Filing Registration at DuPage County webpage for assistance.

What will I need to upload my documents?

All documents will need to be saved in PDF format. Whether you have a paper document or a digital document all documents need to be saved in PDF file format. If you have prepared your own document in Microsoft Word simply save the document in a PDF format when ready to save. If you are using an Apple device please see instructions on how to save your document as a PDF. A scanner will be necessary to upload paper court documents. If you do not have a scanner please visit your local public library for assistance. There will also be a limited number of scanners available at the DuPage County Courthouse for those who do not have access to a scanner.

I have uploaded my documents, now what?

Once you have completed the document upload and followed all relevant upload instructions submit your document for review by the Circuit Clerk's Office. The Circuit Clerk's Office operates from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday except for holidays.  If you document is approved you will receive an email from the Circuit Clerk's Office with the filed document. The document will have a stamp on it indicating it has been filed. If your document was NOT approved, you will receive an email from the Circuit Clerk's Office. Corrections should be made and the document should be resubmitted. Once the corrected document is approved  you will receive an email with the filed document time. The document will have a stamp on it indicating it was filed on the day it was correctly submitted.

You may upload and submit your documents before or after business hours until 11:59 p.m.. If your document is approved by the Circuit Clerk's Office the following business day the document will be file stamped the day you submit. If the document is not approved, you will receive an email and a corrected document must be uploaded and submitted for approval. Once the corrected document is submitted and approved the document will be file stamped the day of the corrected upload.

When do I pay to e-file?

After you upload your documents and you receive confirmation that the document was approved by the Office of the Circuit Court you may need to pay statutory fees. Please see  statutory fees for more information.

I need copies of my approved documents, how can I get them?

 You may print off file stamped copies immediately after the document has been approved by the Office of the Circuit Court and any applicable statutory fees have been paid. You may print the documents from home and bring them with you to court. If you need copies while at the courthouse please visit the Circuit Clerk's Office on the first floor.

I am having trouble uploading my document, what should I do?

On the bottom of the e-filing home page there is a link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Also consult the e-filing user manual with any questions. If you experience any technical difficulties or are locked out of your account please contact i2File support at For questions regarding the DuPage filing process please contact the Circuit Clerk's Office at 630-407-8700. They will be able to provide legal information but not legal advice. If you require legal advice please seek advice from an attorney.