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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Exercise Development Procedures

The goal of IEMA's Exercise Program is to improve the overall readiness and targeted capabilities of emergency response.  The program validates training and emergency plans/procedures, revealing strengths and weaknesses, demonstrating operational capabilities, and preparing personnel for real world events. This readiness is implemented through FEMA’s building block approach of seminars, workshops, tabletops, games, drills, functional and full-scale exercises, which are defined by the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP). 

All exercises must be planned and conducted in accordance with HSEEP, which is consistent with the National Incident Management System, Illinois Emergency Operations Plan, Illinois Disaster Management System, and applicable Homeland Security Presidential Directives and policies. All exercises must include a written After-Action Report (AAR) and Corrective Action/Improvement Plan consistent with the guidelines outlined in HSEEP, which then must be submitted to the county in which the municipality resides.   

In September 2018, the IEMA 29 Illinois Administrative Code 301 was updated providing numerous changes in the number of exercises, who approves them, and potential exercise credit for real world incidents. The following documents will provide a road map for exercise planning teams to follow to meet these requirements. 

The public FEMA Prep Toolkit for Resources and HSEEP may be some assistance as well.

Exercise Documents

Exercise Contact

If you have questions or need to submit forms to DuPage County, please reach out to:

Corey Mulryan