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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois


The following is a list of pending contract awards as well as contracts recently awarded for the County of DuPage Division of Transportation (DOT), Department of Public Works (PW), Facilities Management (FM) and Stormwater (SW)


RPS#DeptDescriptionStatusSelected Firm
0016 DOT Various Professional Surveying Services Pending
0016 DOT Various Materials Testing and Engineering Services Pending
0016 DOT Various Environmental Screening Engineering Services Pending
0016 DOT Various Right-of-Way Appraisal Services Pending
0016 DOT Traffic Engineering Assistance-SCAT Pending
0016 FM Various Water Treatment Testing Services Pending
0016 SW Asset Management Database Assistance Pending
0015 DOT Professional Underground Locating and Marking Services - Revised Pending
0015 DOT Various/Various Drainage Engineering Services Pending
0015 DOT Professional Transportation Planning Services DuPage County Central Tri-State Corridor Travel Demand Assessment Pending
0015 PW Special Call - Design Engineering Services Wastewater Plant Pending
0015 PW Professional Construction Engineering Services Liberty Park Drainage Project Approved D.B. Sterlin
0015 FM Architectural, Mechanical, Civil and Structural Engineering Services Pending
0015 SW Professional On-Call Native Vegetation Management (Various Sites) Pending
0014 FM On Call Landscape Design Approved Ratio
0014 SW Inspection and Design Engineering for Stormwater Facilities Countywide On-Call Contract Approved Ciorba Group / WBK
0014 SW Youth-Based Stormwater Education and Outreach Approved SCARCE
0014 SW Stormwater Education and Outreach Approved Christopher B. Burke / Conservation Design Forum
0013 DOT Bridge Inspection Services Approved Collins
0013 DOT 2017 Pavement Maintenance Program Approved HW Lochner / Primera
0013 DOT Various Preliminary/Design Engineering Approved Baxter & Woodman
0013 PW On Call Drainage Engineering Approved Christopher B. Burke / HR Green
0012 DOT Professional Underground Locating/Marking Services Approved HBK
0012 DOT Traffic Signal Design Approved DLZ
0012 DOT Traffic Engineering Assistance (SCAT) Approved Gewalt-Hamilton
0012 PW Knollwood Phosphorus Removal Design Approved Deuchler Environmental
*RPS (Request for Professional Services)