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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Qualified Based Selection (QBS) Questions and Answers

Listed below are answers to questions submitted by potential submitters.  They are organized by project.  If a project does not have any questions, there will not be a section for that project.

DuPage County Government Center Southwest Campus Master Plan

Q: Do the Title Page and Table of Contents count towards the 10-page Proposal limit?

A: No.

Q: What kind of content can be included in the appendix section?

A: Firms are free to include any pertinent information that provides additional detail supporting the main section of the Proposal. This includes full resumes of staff that are to be assigned to this project. However, the County will weigh the information contained in the main body of the Proposal much more heavily than anything included in the appendix; firms are advised to concentrate on addressing “A. Executive Summary” and “B. Required Information”.

Q: Do Cover Letters, Title Pages and Tables of Contents count towards the 10-page Proposal limit?

A: No.

Central Signal System Expansion Design Engineering

Q: Do you have a list of the signalized intersections that are planned to be included in this design package?

A: View list of signalized intersections (PDF)

Various Construction Engineering Services

Q: Do you have a location of the County Campus Ring Road?

A: View Ring Road Diagram (PDF)