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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

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No longer accepting applications for Undergraduate Summer 2019 semester.  Now accepting applications for Undergraduate Fall 2019 semester until July 5th, 2019.




The internship program provides university students majoring in the human services or criminal justice fields with an opportunity to apply their educational knowledge to a practical experience in the criminal justice system.


The Adult Division provides supervision for offenders (ages 18 and up) placed on Probation by the Courts, as well as performs a number of other court-related functions. At any given time, the Adult Division is responsible for the supervision of approximately 4,000 felony offenses and misdemeanor cases. In addition to general cases, officers supervise and number of specialty caseloads including, Youthful Offender, Sex Offender, Mental Health, Community Service, Investigations, DUI/Specialized Drug and Inter/Intra-state Transfers.

The Juvenile Division provides supervision for juvenile offenders as well as performing a number of other functions such as Preliminary Conferences, investigations, Home Detention monitoring, Intensive Supervision, Family Therapy, foster, residential, and/or group home placement.


Department and division orientation sessions are required. Trained staff will provide on-the-job training. Additional training opportunities may also be available through the Department.  The first 2 weeks of the internship is mandatory training.


An assigned staff person will provide ongoing supervision with consultation available from an immediate supervisor and/or the Intern Coordinator. There must also be supervision provided by the college or university in the form of a student advisor or intern coordinator.


Full time internships are required to complete a minimum of 12 to 16 weeks depending on the semester scheduled.  Hours of operation are 8:00am-4:30pm; 37.5 hours per week.  Interns must commit to completing a minimum total of 225 hours and be available 4 days per week for a total of 32 hours per week.


Evaluations will take place on a regularly scheduled basis as Department and/or college/university requirements dictate.

During Your Internship you will:

  • Assist with home, school and field visits
  • Participate in agency staffing meetings
  • Conduct structured supervision reports
  • Learn and apply the concepts of Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention and The Effective Casework Model
  • Provide crisis intervention when necessary
  • Know and be responsible for Department policies and procedures
  • Prepare and maintain case files
  • Interview offenders and victims
  • Help prepare Court reports
  • Write case notes after meeting with offenders
  • Assess offender needs and develop a plan of intervention

How to Apply

Complete the Intern Application Form and sign the Background Check release form online, print them out, sign them, and mail or fax; contact information is listed below.


Probation and Court Services
18th Judicial Circuit - DuPage County
Phone - (630) 407-8348
Fax - (630) 407-8501