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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Victim Offender Conference (VOC) - Court Diversion   

A VOC is a Preliminary Conference that incorporates the victim(s) of the offense, along with all the other parties permitted to attend a Preliminary Conference.  A VOC is a restorative justice practice and allows for the juvenile to understand the harm caused by their actions by personalizing the offense. It also has the potential for the victim to understand why this occurred by hearing directly from the alleged offender. VOC’s are arranged and facilitated by a probation officer and often conducted in the community.  Both the alleged juvenile offender and victim(s) are interviewed and screened for appropriateness for a VOC.  At the conclusion of the VOC, the minor may be placed on Informal Supervision for a period of up to 12 months. 

At the end of Informal Supervision, if all conditions of the Probation Adjustment planned have been fulfilled, the minor will be satisfactorily terminated, and their case will be closed without court involvement.  Should the minor be rearrested while on the Informal Supervision or fail to complete all their conditions set forth in the adjustment plan, the matter will be referred to the States Attorney’s Office where a Delinquency Petition may be filed in Juvenile Court. 

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