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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

About Recorder's Office

Recorder Office Administration

DuPage County Recorder:

  • Kathleen V. Carrier

Executive Staff:

  • Anthony D. Manzzullo, Chief Deputy Recorder
  • Guillermo Franco, Computer Operations Manager
  • Colleen Malay, Administrative Assistant


History and Growth of the Recorder's Office

The DuPage County Recorder's Office is the official land records office for all real estate located in this County. The foundation of what was to become the Recorder's Office was laid in 1215 A. D. with the signing of the Magna Carta which provided for state protection of land ownership.

The Recorder's primary responsibility is the accurate and timely maintenance of the indexing of documents in the chain of title to DuPage County land whose value today exceeds 65 billion dollars. Your property and its ownership is filed in the Recorder's Office.

Today, revenue taken in by this office exceeds 15 million dollars annually. This revenue is based on fees provided by the Illinois State legislature in the Illinois Compiled Statutes and is deposited in the County corporate fund.

The Recorder's Office has seen many changes over the years. As recently as the mid 1970's, documents were indexed by hand. Fred Bucholz  completely automated the office to incorporate into use the rapidly changing technological breakthroughs. He also installed an imaging system, which permits customers to retrieve documents from a personal computer.

When a customer utilizes the Recorder's Office today to record a document, their receipt is computer generated and their document is available on a computer search within 24 hours. Information has been made available to the public, which has never been available previously. Title companies and other committed users of the office have the ability to access, at their office location, information maintained in the Recorder's Office. This has provided a new and valuable source of revenue for the County and its taxpayers.

The Recorder's Office has compiled pertinent information relative to the recordation of instruments in the Office of the DuPage County Recorder. Within you will also find a schedule of fees and many other items of use and interest.

The staff remains committed to the citizens of DuPage County and continually strive to enhance and improve the services of the Recorder's Office.