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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

2020 Redistricting Committee Updates

Reapportionment (also known as redistricting) is completed every ten years as required by 55 ILCS 5/2-3002(a) to ensure that each county board district represents the substantially equal number of inhabitants. This ensures that all residents are equally represented based on the natural population shifts that occur over time. When district boundaries are being redrawn the following four requirements must be met:

a. Shall be substantially equal in population to each other district;

b. Shall be comprised of contiguous territory, as nearly compact as practicable; and

c. May divide townships or municipalities only when necessary to conform to the population requirement of paragraph a; and

d. Shall be created in such a manner so that no precinct shall be divided between 2 or more districts, insofar as is practicable.

The DuPage County Redistricting Committee has spent the past few months creating a reapportionment plan that meets these requirements. 

Below you will find the most current information from the DuPage County Redistricting Committee. The DuPage County Board is made up of six districts with three County Board Members representing each district. The Redistricting Committee is currently seeking resident input regarding the proposed new boundaries for the six districts. Please submit any comments for the Redistricting Committee to review at its October 19, 2021, meeting.

Proposed DuPage County Board Member District Maps

The brown lines on the map show the proposed County Board district boundaries. The green lines on the map show the current County Board district boundaries.

Proposed County Board Map Feedback

In the textbox below please provide any feedback regarding the proposed district maps and any relevant information you would like the Redistricting Committee to know.




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