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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Transportation Planning

The DuPage County Transportation Planning Group is a multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to providing the public with high quality transportation, traffic, infrastructure, development and fiscal information. It is this group's mission to increase the public's accessibility to travel, traffic, roadway and transit information in the hope that this information will be used for economic and business development, recreational opportunities as well as a whole host of other reasons that will benefit those who live and work in DuPage County.


The DuPage County Transportation Planning Group provides the following transportation-related information:

  • Long Range Transportation Planning
  • Traffic Counts
  • Traffic Forecasts
  • Traffic Impact Assessment
  • Transportation System Performance Measures
  • Transportation Capital Planning and Programming
  • Roadway, Signal and Highway Inventory
  • Safety Studies and Assessments

Traffic Counts

DuPage County performs annual traffic counts at midblock and intersection locations. These counts have been organized into reports that are provided through the Division of Transportation's web page.  Information provided includes turn movements, hourly and directional travel, adjusted average daily counts and vehicle classification information.  The link for that page is provided below:

The Illinois Department of Transportation also provides traffic information to the public.  Links to the IDOT site can be found below:

Traffic Forecasts and Traffic Impact Assessment

DuPage County Transportation Planning performs regular updates to its traffic forecasting model.  The traffic model is used primarily for assessment of development impact related to the Impact Fee program but has utility outside that program in terms of analyzing land use and development impacts on corridor and sub-area traffic system performance.  Transportation planning staff regularly performs site related traffic impact assessment and traffic signal system analysis on County Highways and will review private traffic impact assessments related to access and signal permits.  For more details on access permits and requirements, please see the DOT Permitting page.

Transportation System Performance Measures

DuPage County staff performs regular evaluations of its highway system and produces reports on travel time, delay, intersection and roadway levels of service and more.  Samples of 2010 traffic performance can be found in the 2010 Comprehensive Road Improvement Plan Appendices referenced in the link below:

  • 2010 Comprehensive Road Improvement Plan

updated 07/10/13

Contact Us

Transportation Planning Coordinator:
John Loper


Jack T. Knuepfer Bldg.
421 N. County Farm Road
Wheaton, IL 60187