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This website provides information on all bicycle and pedestrian activities undertaken by the DuPage County Division of Transportation. DuPage County is proud to be the home of one of the first successful rail-to-trail conversions in the United States – the Illinois Prairie Path. In 2013, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the volunteer efforts to convert the abandoned Chicago Aurora and Elgin railroad tracks into nature trails. The foresight of these volunteers led to a nation-wide rail-to-trail movement and an outstanding legacy for DuPage County residents. Today, DuPage County is home to more than 500 miles of trails that arean integral part of our identity and a priceless amenity that runners, cyclists, equestrians, dog walkers and nature lovers treasure.  

To obtain a map of the DuPage County Trail System, please e-mail the County's Trail Coordinator or click here to view.  


Great Western Trail Counts

This summer, the DuPage County Division of Transportation will perform trail counts on the Great Western Trail. Trail counts are taken periodically so we can track the growth of trail usage and obtain user information to apply for state and federal grants.   You may see grey electric boxes mounted along the trail.  These boxes contain the Division of Transportation’s trail counting equipment.   

DuPage County uses TRAFx Infrared Trail Counters, which are designed to count general traffic on trails and paths — hikers, joggers, horseback riders, and cyclists.  Using a small, infrared scope pointed towards the trail, the TRAFx Infrared Trail Counter detects and counts the infrared signature associated with warm, moving objects.

Findings should be available this fall.  If you are interested in this type of information, not that similar trail counts were taken along the Illinois Prairie Path in 2013.  That study’s finding can be found on the Trails for Illinois website.   


Trail Reports

The presentations below were given at the annual meeting of the Illinois Prairie Path Not-for-Profit Corporation. They provide a snapshot into what trail improvements or programs were accomplished that year and an estimate of short term projects that will be undertaken by the DuPage County Division of Transportation.   Please contact the Trail Coordinator if you have any questions.  

2012 Trail Report to the Illinois Prairie Path Corporation 

2013 Trail Report to the Illinois Prairie Path Corporation 


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