The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois


2013 Highway and Trail Construction Program

The 2013 Proposed Construction Program incorporates the County’s priority to maintain our existing infrastructure while at the same time implementing projects to improve safety and relieve congestion. In 2013, approximately 19 lane miles of County highways are proposed to be patched and resurfaced and cracks filled/ sealed on another 173 lane miles to improve rideability and to extend the service life of these roadways. Major congestion relief projects include reconstructing and widening 75th Street from Adams Street to Plainfield Road and widening and resurfacing Gary Avenue from Illinois 64 to Army Trail Road (major construction activities are not expected to occur until 2014). Safety at several intersections will be improved through signal and advance signing upgrades. To improve non-motorized accessibility, construction of new sidewalk and/or bike paths are proposed to provide connectivity between major generators and destinations. The 2013 Proposed Construction Program totals $26.3M.

To view the 2013 Proposed Construction Program, click on the following link:

 2013 Highway and Trails Const Program 


Last Updated 02/21/2013