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The Protect DuPage website and its related social media accounts are your sources for official information from the DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (OHSEM). The information is periodically updated and is geared towards preparing you to respond to and recover from emergencies or disasters. Connect with us by subscribing to our Twitter feed (see below), Facebook account and YouTube account. If you do not use social media, we created the "Social Media Feeds" page for you, located on the left side of this page, to stay informed. We hope you enjoy these features and find it of value.

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June - Vacation Preparedness Month

June is "Vacation Preparedness Month" in Illinois. The DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management encourages you to prepare when going on vacation. Consider the below action points:

  • Medications
    • Pack several days' worth of extra medications in the event you are delayed in returning home.
    • Keep a written list of your medications with you (including prescription name, dosage, and Doctor's name and phone number).
  • Hotel safety
    • Use "in-room" hotel safes cautiously. Many of their locking mechanisms can be easily defeated.
    • Do not leave extra hotel room access key cards in your hotel room when you go out. These cards may contain your credit card information embedded on the magnetic strip. This could lead to credit card / identity theft.
    • If you are given a room that is far away from the front desk, and you don't feel safe there, don't be afraid to ask for a different room. After all, YOU are the customer!
  • Traveling via Automobile
    • Bring a cell phone charger and emergency supplies with you (e.g., a first aid kit, a list of emergency contacts, a small fire extinguisher, etc.)
    • Make sure someone knows where you're going, the route you plan to take, and when you plan to arrive.
    • Check the weather forecast each day to be advised of impending severe weather. If severe weather is anticipated, listen to local radio stations. Also, have a NOAA weather radio handy, so that you can receive emergency information.
  • Protecting your home
    • Have a trusted friend, relative or neighbor check up on your home while you're away.
    • Many municipal police departments have "Vacation House Watch" programs, which may help protect your home while you're away. Check with your local police department to see if this service is available.
  • If traveling outside of the United States, review the information on the U.S Department of State website. Also, check with your health insurance provider to make sure you're covered for any medical emergencies while traveling abroad.

For more information, view the below video and additional resources.

Additional Resources:

Severe Weather Season

Severe weather can happen at anytime. The Weather Watcher Page from the National Weather Service Chicago Weather Forecast Office is a great resource for advanced information to allow you to prepare. Always have your NOAA weather radio available and in working order. Watch the below interview for tips and information pertaining to severe weather preparedness. Additional information is available in the Severe Weather Preparedness Guide developed by IEMA and the NWS and on the emergency preparedness page of

DuPage County Health Department Monitors Ebola

The DuPage County Health Department, in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), continues to monitor Ebola. For more information, please visit the Health Department's Ebola Monitoring website.

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