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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Election Commission


DuPage County Election Commission

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    The DuPage County Election Commission is an independent, bi-partisan government entity operating under state and federal election laws to promote accurate, efficient, accessible and secure elections in DuPage County. We serve the public through education and information about the election process, voter registration, election administration and leadership in improving election procedures. We maintain the highest professional standards to ensure the integrity of the election process.

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    • New Party and Independent Filing (Last Day) - General Election
      Monday, 06/25/2018

      Last day for independent and new party candidates to file original nomination papers (must contain original sheets signed by voters and circulators).
      Candidates for federal, legislative, statewide executive, judicial offices, or for any office to be elected by the voters of more than one county, shall file in the principal office of the State Board of Elections.
      Candidates for county office will file in the office of the DuPage County Election Commission. New party petitions must also include a complete slate of candidates and a certificate of officers authorized to fill a vacancy in nomination. Failure to file the certificate will result in the party forfeiting the ability to fill a vacancy in nomination. (10 ILCS 5/10-2, 10-3, 10-5, 10-6)
      Note: The following court case has held that the full-slate requirement for new political parties is unconstitutional: Libertarian Party of Illinois v. ISBE, et al., 872 F.3d 518 (7th Cir. 2017).

    • Election Commission Board Meeting (7-17-2018)
      Tuesday, 07/17/2018

    • Election Commission Board Meeting (7-18-2018) Rescheduled
      Wednesday, 07/18/2018