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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois


2018 Highway and Trail Construction Program

The 2018 Proposed Construction Program incorporates the County's priority to maintain our existing infrastructure while at the same time implementing projects to improve safety and relieve congestion.  In 2018, approximately 42 lane miles of County highways are proposed to be patched and resurfaced to improve rideability and to extend the service life of the existing roadways.  The roadways include: County Farm Road from Jewell Road to Illinois 64 and from Army Trail Road to Schick Road; Schick Road from County Farm Road to Gary Avenue; 75th Street from Illinois 59 to Olympus Drive; and, 63rd Street from Cass Avenue to Madison Street.  Other major projects include improvements on 55th Street, Greenbrook Boulevard, and expansion of our Central Signal System.  Along 55th Street, the intersections at Main Street and Fairview Avenue will be widened to provide left turn lanes and the signals modernized and interconnected.  In addition, 55th Street will resurfaced from Dunham Road to Williams Street.  Greenbrook Boulevard will be patched and resurfaced from County Farm Road to Lake Street.  Our Central Signal System, which allows the Division of Transportation to remotely monitor and observe existing traffic operations and make adjustments in response to actual field conditions, will be expanded to include an additional 97 signals and connect to the City of Naperville’s system.  The 2018 Proposed Construction Program totals $22.3M.


To view the 2018 Proposed Construction Program, click on the following link:

2018 Highway Construction Program (PDF)




Last Updated 02/19//2018